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We can provide you with a large range of disposable and reusable anaesthetic products including:

Catheter Mounts
Disposable Adaptors
Polycarbonate and Polysulfone Adaptors
Metal Anaesthetic Components
Breathing Circuits
Q-limb Breathing Circuits
Resuscitation Breathing Circuits
Mid-O-Gas / Analgesia Circuits
Rebreathing Bags
Parker Neonatal Video Laryngoscope
Parker Video Laryngoscope
Parker Laryngoscope Blades
Parker Laryngoscope Handles
Duoscope - Disposable Dual Blade Emergency Laryngoscope
Onescope - Disposable Single Blade Emergency Laryngoscope
Laryngoscopes Accessories
Laryngeal Masks
Endotracheal Tubes and Stylettes
Bielger BW685 S Blood and Fluid Infusion Warmer
Biegler Protherm II Blood and Fluid Infusion Warmer
Extension Sets
Autopress Automatic Pressure Infuser
Emergency Transport Warmer

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