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Oxygen Therapy and Respiratory

We can provide you with a large range of oxygen therapy and respiratory products including:

Cannulas and Tubing
Gas Sampling Lines
Suction Tubing and Handpieces
BiPAP Breathing Circuits
Oxygen and Aerosol Therapy Masks
Tracheostomy Masks and Sets
Venturi Masks and Sets
Twin Port Masks
Headgear and Accessories
CPAP Full Face and Nasal Masks
Manual Resuscitators
PEEP Valves, Accessories and Spares
Manual CPR Resuscitators
Guedel Airways
Sechrist Air / Oxygen Mixers
Maxtec Air / Oxygen Blenders and Mixers
MaxBlend2 Air / Oxygen Blender, Oxygen Analyser and Flowmeter
Blender Buddy for Maxtec, Bird, Sechrist, Biomed Devices Blenders
MicroMax Air/O2 Blender
MaxFLO2 Mini Air / Oxygen Mixer
Maxtec Oxygen Analyser and Blender Accessories
Oxygen Analysers and Monitors
Handi+ Disposable Analyser and Sensor
MAXO2+ A Oxygen Analyser (with internal sensor)
MAXO2+ AE Oxygen Analyser (with external sensor)
MAXO2 Oxygen Monitor
UltraMaxO2 Oxygen Analyser for Oxygen concentrators
Suction and Scavenge Attachments
Vacusill Suction Regulators
Suction Filter Kits
Suction Devices
3 Way Adaptors
Entonox Analgesic Administration System
Oxygen Therapy Accessories
Oxy-Viva 3 Resuscitator
Wide range of Oxygen Sensors available
Secur-A-Tag Security Ties

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